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Organically Approved Organically Approved

Organically Approved

Compliant with USDA Organic Regulations

Here is a portion of the FDA law regarding organic livestock production:

“Code Section 205.603: Synthetic substances allowed for use in organic livestock production.

In accordance with restrictions specified in this section, the following synthetic substances may be used in organic livestock production:

(a) As disinfectants, sanitizers, and medical treatments as applicable.

(1) Alcohols.
(i) Ethanol-disinfectant and sanitizer only, prohibited as a feed additive.
(ii) Isopropanol-disinfectant only.

(2) Aspirin-approved for health care use to reduce inflammation.

(3) Biologics-Vaccines.

(4) Chlorhexidine – Allowed for surgical procedures conducted by a veterinarian. Allowed for use as a teat dip when alternative germicidal agents and/or physical barriers have lost their effectiveness.

(5) Chlorine materials – disinfecting and sanitizing facilities and equipment. Residual chlorine levels in the water shall not exceed the maximum residual disinfectant limit under the Safe Drinking Water Act.
(i) Calcium hypochlorite.
(ii) Chlorine dioxide.
(iii) Sodium hypochlorite.

(6) Electrolytes-without antibiotics.

(7) Glucose.

(8) Glycerine – Allowed as a livestock teat dip, must be produced through the hydrolysis of fats or oils.

(9) Hydrogen peroxide.”

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