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The electromagnetic wave action creates a large number of suspension and condensation in the water. When the water is heated, or the pressure (psi) decreases, the calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) plasma in the hard water is absorbed. This action is called crystal nucleation and creates a process that occurs in forming a crystal from the solution. This process begins with another form of calcium carbonate that has a very distinct characteristic to calcite. When the calcium carbonate precipitates as aragonite, it forms a non-adhering harmless insoluble crystal that is either consumed or carried through the system to the drain. This process prevents scaling by not adhering to the surface of plumbing, heaters, industrial coolers, or other equipment. The existing scale will gradually dissolve in the water.

Scale deposit forms when water becomes over saturated with calcium and must precipitate a percentage of this to maintain its saturation equilibrium. As calcium is an inverse soluble mineral, the hotter water gets the less calcium it can hold in solution. When it precipitates, it bonds with available carbon to form scale (also referred to as lime scale).

Another circumstance that can cause water to become over saturated with calcium occurs when water is released from being under pressure. Familiar examples of this include faucets and shower heads.

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Condenser Scale Pyro conductivity 
Calcium Carbonate 2.93 
Microorganism Membrane 0.63 
calcium phosphate 2.60 
phosphate 2.16
magnetic iron oxide 2.88 
Scale ThicknessHeat-exchange rateHeat loss percentageElectricity Consumption percentage

The Puroxi Aqua-Softener system effectively deals with scale problems physically and with no chemicals needed.
Blocked plumbing + scale and corrosion is equal to low energy exchange, low production output, increased energy consumptions and potential hazards.


Saturated ~ containing the maximum amount of a substance capable of being dissolved under given conditions.

Precipitate ~ to separate (a substance) in solid form from a solution.

Puroxi utltra sonic scale prevention - Ultrasonic Scale Prevention

Preventing Scale

Traditional methods accomplish this by using a water softener that uses a specially charged media which attracts calcium ions. Once the media becomes covered in calcium it must regenerate. It does this by flushing a concentrated salt brine through the media to clean the beads which is rejected down the drain (backwash).

Both products are effectively trying to achieve the same effect, under-saturating the water of calcium so the water does not need to precipitate it as scale.

Softeners achieve this by physically removing a percentage of calcium from the water through the previously described ion exchange system. The catalytic process directly treats calcium bonding it with carbon in a form that does not have the tendency to form scale.

Following is the direct comparison of these options:

Water Softener process

Puroxi Ultrasonic Scale Prevention

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One of the most remarkable things about Aqua-Softener is its sizing.

The plumbing size options are as follows.


Carmangay Colony Alberta was established in 1975. Our 180,000 BTU boiler in the dairy barn has been in service for 6 years, we had to clean out the boiler every 4 months by manually removing and washing out the scale. The boiler normally would last about 8 years. We were skeptical, but decided to do a trial with the Puroxi Descaler. 2 months after the Puroxi Descaler was installed before the boiler the scale started to loosen up and fell to the bottom of the boiler. In 6 months, the heating pipes were all clean and it left about 4" of debris on the bottom and then we removed the debris. After this was cleaned out, we had to turn the heat down from 170 F to 150 F as the pressure relief was going off. We estimate a 13% savings in heating cost. Before the Puroxi Descaler was installed we had issues with bacteria in the milk at 150 F and so the boiler was turned up to 170 F. Now with the Puroxi Descaler installed and the temperature set back at 150 F the bacteria count has not gone back up. Our individual bacteria count (IBC) levels have never been lower than 14,000 and sometimes up to 20,000, but now with the Puroxi Descaler they are at 6,000. The cleaning chemicals seem to work better. We are working on upgrading our main water treatment system in our pumphouse and plan to install an Puroxi Descaler there too. My name is Joey Wurz.
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