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PUROXI Water/Algae/Scale Treatment by Puroxi (TM) Pure Water Global Inc. provides effective, customized solutions for water treatment, purification and conservation, with a family of natural products and unsurpassed expertise. Our products and services have proven very successful for agriculture, livestock, well water, ponds & lagoons, and industrial operations. They are also ideally suited for residential, municipal, and commercial applications . Products you need. Brands you can trust. Service you expect. There is no water problem that we cannot fix.

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We Have Been In The Disinfection Business For Over 20 Years.

Our Puroxi (OB) solution has a proprietary stabilized acceleration formula. It effectively kills or eliminates hundreds of pathogens, including today’s common viruses and bacteria, ie: Coronavirus, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, H1N1, H3N2, Yersinia Pestis (Bubonic plague).


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Whole Home Water Purification
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Puroxi (OB) Crops
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Puroxi OB Oxyblast
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UV-C Led Ultraviolet Technologies
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Nanobubble Technology
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Ultrasonic Algae Treatment

Ultra-sonic Algae Treatment
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Sea Chest

Sea Chest Ultrasonic Treatment
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Ultrasonic Scale

Puroxi Ultrasonic Scale Prevention
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Why Puroxi? (TM)

PUROXI brand products have proven to be very beneficial for livestock, poultry and home owners by purifying their water supply without affecting its nutritional value. Puroxi (OB) is safe and effective at reducing many of the problems associated with well-water & chemically-treated water.

Increased profits are inevitable with regular use of our products!

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Puroxi Pure Water Global Inc was shortlisted for the awards category, Water Solutions Provider of the Year! As highlighted, it was some good news. I can confirm you that you have been chosen as the 2023/24 winners. Congratulations Zak! The generic winner’s logo has been attached which you can utilize to promote the recognition and the official press release will be conducted in March (defined date to come