Zak, we passed the CQM water portion of our test because of Oxy Blast. Our cell count has improved and our heats and conception rates are better than we have ever seen. When you told us that the product will pay for itself, we were very sceptical but we feel it has done more than that. Thanks for everything.

Zak, those other products cleaned my water; the hydrogen peroxide did a little bit better than the other products for my pigs but Oxy Blast does a lot more. I realize now that the price up front more than made up for what it is saving me in antibiotics and it is definitely worth it.

I am happy with the results we have. The chickens started getting sick a few weeks ago and I thought the Oxy Blast had finally stopped working. Then I checked the injector pump and found it was not working. I replaced the pump and in a few days, the hens were doing better again. Thank you.

- Farm Fresh Eggs

Wow does this product ever work! Production is up, costs are down, and the livestock is happy. Thanks for everything Zak. We will spread the word.

- K. Brothers Dairy, Alberta

Just a note to let you know so far.. we are amazed with the water … the grit stopped and the water was clear… Just tested it this morning and moved up the pump to 4 … The strip wasn’t at 50 … I should of asked you to leave a few of your cards.

- Marlene

Hi Zak, Talked to Walter and they went ahead and treated their bee hives with Oxy Blast. He figured it was about 1000ppm then spun the cones to remove all the oxy blast, just like they do to take the honey out. All the bees are doing well. He also told me he got in a flock of 6600 birds treated at 300ppm for 4 days then backed off to 100ppm. His dead loss was .4 of one percent. Always before his dead loss was 6 percent or more! That is the best looking flock he has ever had. We have got another happy customer.

- Dave

“Zak. Just got a report back from our poultry trial. Broiler Barn. Prior to using us they used to have a final weight of 9.15 lbs now they have a final weight of 9.69 lbs and this is without doing all our recommendations.
The death loss used to be 7% and is now 4.9% The feed conversion used to be 1.76 and is now 1.71
The pullets are as big as the roosters and the feathers never looked better. The manager from the integrator wants to look at putting this in all their farms” They have 300 independent growers and 20+ company farms and raise approximately 20 million chickens per year.

“We are so happy with the ultrasonic algae treatment you did a trial with in Egypt. I talked to Abdelnaser from EMAAR operation team. He told me that the trial went well. They managed to control over 90% of the algae without using any chemicals. He has suggested the use of the product in all lagoons.

A customer used our hard water, calcium buildup and our Ultrasonic Frequency Descaler. Our first experiment before going to market was a boiler. Their 180,000 BTU boiler in the dairy barn has been in service for six years. They had to clean the boiler every four months by manually removing and washing the scale. The boiler typically would last about eight years. They were skeptical but decided to do a trial with the Puroxi Descaler. 2 months after the Puroxi Descaler was installed before the boiler, the scale started to loosen up and fell to the bottom of the boiler. In 6 months, the heating pipes were all clean, leaving about 4″ of debris on the base. They removed the debris. After this was cleaned, they had to turn the heat down from 170 F to 150 F as the pressure relief went off. They estimated a 13% savings in heating costs. Before the Puroxi Descaler was installed, they had issues with bacteria in the milk at 150 F, so the boiler was turned up to 170 F. Now, with the Puroxi Descaler installed and the temperature set back at 150 F, the bacteria count has not gone back up. Their individual bacteria count (IBC) levels have never been lower than 14,000 and sometimes up to 20,000, but now, with the Puroxi Descaler, they are at 6,000. The cleaning chemicals work better.

On a pivot, we use a collector ring at the top of the pivot facing towards the end. This enables better production. In a recent trial we did in Alberta, Canada, a customer used it on a pivot with a canola application. The customer told us that they had seen an increase of 4-5 bushels per acre on their canola, where they had used our Ultrasonic Frequency Descaler. This would have amounted to a 3/4 increase in profit above the cost of the equipment they purchased from us, and now they get to use it year after year without any cost but electricity, which is relatively minimal

Best Water Solutions Provider Awards

Puroxi Pure Water Global Inc was shortlisted for the awards category, Water Solutions Provider of the Year! As highlighted, it was some good news. I can confirm you that you have been chosen as the 2023/24 winners. Congratulations Zak! The generic winner’s logo has been attached which you can utilize to promote the recognition and the official press release will be conducted in March (defined date to come