Sea Chest Ultrasonic Treatment

The sea chest in the hull of ships has been a major cost and concern for many years. The sea chest is part of the seawater system on board a ship. Some of the other components of the seawater system. Information gathered Roamer Realm

  • The cooling water pumps
  • The heat exchangers (also known as the LT Coolers)
  • The seawater overboard valve
  • The sea suction filters (also known as the sea chest)
  • The piping along with the controllers for regulating the parameters, such as temperature.

The seawater system on board consists of two sea chests, one on each side. One is called a high sea chest and the other is called the low sea chest. They look the same but they are called that because of the different heights or depths. In the short sea, the chest acts like a gate and through this gate sea water is allowed to enter the engine room through valves and piping in a controlled manner.

But along with the seawater also comes a lot of unwanted marine organisms; Like fish, plankton, and shells along with other contaminating factors. These are problematic because once they enter into the seawater system, they cause fluctuation in the sea water pressure and in severe cases they even cause erosion of the impeller on the seawater pumps. Also, they can choke the seawater pump and central coolers causing heat imbalance thereby causing the engine parameters to exceed its limit.

Thus, it is highly essential to filter out all these marine organisms to maintain the seawater systems’ cooling efficiency. Sea chest pollution has a direct impact on the ships cooling water systems and other components, this can cause power loss, resulting in an engine shut down, resulting in a ship losing maneuverability.

Not to mention the cost of cleaning the sea chest, increase in fuel cost, downtime and other factors. Money lost is money lost. Money saved is money gained. Zebra mussels and sea pollution have negative consequences on the ship’s machinery processes. The main risk of sea pollution on the ship is based on the sea chests that are used for ballast water and firefighting on a ship.

As far as Zebra Mussels a project was done in Norway in 2017.

ELKEM Solar AS, Fiskåveien 100, 4675 Kristiansand, Norway install ALGAEFREE ALPHA 4-ways System in Sea water intake in June 2017

The problem that ELKEM Solar has been experiencing, is that we have been plagued with a large number of mussels in the grates and in sea-water pipes, inside the factory. This caused the water temperature in heat exchanges to increase. As a result, frequent and costly maintenance control, including regular cleaning of the pipes and grates was required.

Four months after the installation of the ALGAEFREE mod. ALPHA 4-ways. Visual inspection of the control suction pool (as well as an examination of other components to look at the weather) there was a reduction number of mussels.

Maintenance Planning Manager, Gert Ivar Gundersen at Elkem Solar AS, said that after the installation almost no more mussels were present. The few mussels that remained, were already dead, as a result of the Ultrasound system. A noted effect, was a reduction of bio-film and algae on the walls, so the mussels can no longer get access to food.

ELKEM Solar AS provided this ALGAEFREE ALPHA 4-ways. I am happy to give my approval to be a reference for other businesses that are struggling with the same sea-water and mussel problems that ELKEM Solar AS has had.

We feel that our ultrasonic system will not only help with less cleaning needed but will directly impact cooling and fuel cost. The anodes will have less buildup and your ship less corrosion and issues.

We are looking for someone to do a trial We they pay the cost of our ultrasonic system.

We would require information on previous biofouling procedures and timing for cleanup and maintenance, along with photos to compare the results you accomplish using our system.

The condition is that we get documented results (good or bad) and comments on your letterhead with the vessel name etc. This should include photos of the system compared to before you used our system. With a sign from the chief engineer.

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