Whole Home Water Purification

Safe, Clean, Drinking Water for your Whole Family

Clean, Nutritional Water = Better overall Health

15+ years of Expert Water Purification – Disinfection of water and surfaces is all we do!

FREE water analysis & assessment (based on your independent lab report)

ECONOMICAL solution customized for YOUR needs by our Certified Experts

We treat ALL contaminants, bacteria, heavy metals, sediments & scaling

~ Softening, Disinfection, UV treatment, Filtration, Anti-scaling, and more ~

Let our Certified Water Technician design a system for you

Pure water products in CA


Better overall health

Cleaner plumbing

Reduced maintenance costs

Better tasting water

Guaranteed results

STOP wasting $$$ on Bottled Water!

Why spend money on bottled water, when you have an abundant existing water supply which can be treated and purified? PUROXI can repair & improve ANY water issue at a FRACTION of the cost!

Reduce Waste & Recycling

Call us for a free analysis & assessment BEFORE you invest in a water treatment system.

Let’s find out what NEEDS to be treated first. Our Certified Water Technician’s recommendations are based on a detailed analysis of your water report from an independent lab. We have many years of experience and thousands of satisfied steady customers.

Let our Certified Water Technician design a system for you