UV-C Led Ultraviolet Technologies

As you know we do not carry any products we cannot stand behind. Our reputation is more important than making the sale. Puroxi has recently learnt allot about UV-C Led technologies. AquiSense is the world’s largest supplier of UV-C Led. AquiSense also have the best products on the market today.

Effective Ranges

AquiSense is passionate about developing solutions that solve real-world problems in water, air, and surface UV-C LED disinfection applications.Technology for homes, hospitals, airplanes, and even astronauts. This will provide reliable, lower cost water to millions in remote communities.

They only work with leading UV-C LED manufacturers to evaluate their devices. Using a combination of patented technology and in-depth know-how, we integrate only the best LED devices into our products.

UV-C LED disinfection is “NEW ADVANCED” technology that uses light to damage the DNA of pathogens. This technology offers a variety of new benefits when compared to conventional UV purification.Similar to how visible LEDs effected the display market, they believe UV-C LEDs will have a lasting effect on how we disinfect water, surfaces and air. UV-C presents an innovative solution for providing clean and effective water purification.

But just how effective is this relatively new technology and can it provide the solutions we need now and for the future?

We will answer all your questions as you dive into the information about UV-C Led Technology.

Following is the direct comparison of these options

  • What is UV-C?
  • How Does UV-C LED Disinfection Work?
  • Applications of UV-C LEDs
  • Three Distinct Platforms
  • The PearlAqua Deca
  • PearlAqua Kilo/Tera
  • House Application
  • Commercial Application
  • AquiSense for Healthcare
  • AquiSense for Transportation
  • AquiSense for Life Sciences
  • AquiSense for Municipalities
  • Pearlaero

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