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Ultra-sonic Algae Treatment

Harmful Algae Blooms are becoming an increasingly dangerous threat in all aspects of water for agricultural, residential, and commercial applications. We offer the latest eco-friendly, chemical-free technology for Algae Treatment.

Ultra-sonic Algae Treatment

Using cutting edge Ultra-Sonic technology to control algae, cyanobacteria and biofilm safely. Our objective has always been to reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals in our environment. This can be used in all situations where water is stored, from large industrial applications to small private pools or ornamental ponds.These products are available in a full range of sizes and capacities, offering a complete customized solution for each application

This unique ultra-sonic system ...

Solar-powered units (pontoon systems) are also available for larger applications. This technology is entirely environmental-friendly.

top rated ultra sonic algae control system - Ultrasonic Algae Treatment

What are ultrasonic algae control?

Our Ultra-Sonic algae control devices are precise underwater systems which emit ultrasonic sound waves which destroy algae using scientifically proven frequencies. Ultra-Sonic products help eliminate and prevent many types of algae, including the toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and bio-film build-up that can cause problems in drinking water and stored/stagnant water. An effective Ultra-Sonic technology can be used to treat water environmentally friendly and reduce or eliminate chemical treatment in different applications. These products are typically helpful in water systems such as irrigation tanks, aquaculture basins, and swimming pools.  Other typical applications for stagnant or semi-stagnant water bodies are ponds and lakes.
puroxi ultrasonic algae control - Ultrasonic Algae Treatment


⦁ New construction sonic heads – fantastic reliability and operational improvement Double the power
⦁ Additional bandwidths added
⦁ Construction available as a sonic head with cable potted directly to the sonic head and with a field-installable IP69X waterproof connector

Power Supplies:

⦁ Universal input 85-264Vac for use anywhere in the world
⦁ Increased strength of enclosures to meet IP67
⦁ Readable LCD screen
⦁ Wireless is new, and it is also standard and comes with a free smartphone app which allows you to control the system, check operation and set up on/off schedules – great for fish farms and feeding schedules. (Android App is currently available. iPhone coming soon)

SolaRAFT series Floats and Double Floats. Much smaller, more efficient, very lightweight, lower, and meagre shipping cost!

⦁ High Visibility Yellow and Low Visibility Black colours are available
⦁ Wireless is new, and it is also standard and comes with a free smartphone app – the same as described above.
⦁ Very lightweight, high efficiency, high energy density, charge efficiency battery packs!
⦁ Overall size is less than a third of what it was before. The new Water Quality Monitoring SolaRAFT-iQM™ system is approximately 32kg, and the new SolaRAFT-iQDB™ Sonic Float is about 40kg
⦁ Small, lightweight, and fits in a standard UPS/DHL/FedEx box. Meagre and affordable shipping costs!
⦁ Easy field assembly – NO TOOLS NEEDED. Even one person may be able to install it! Remove the product from the box, use only your fingertips to assemble the antenna mast and antennas, connect a few cables, push the battery power switch and deploy!

Solar Systems – Land-based units

⦁ Solar Panels reduced in size by less than half – latest technology, higher efficiency panels
⦁ Very lightweight, high efficiency, high energy density, charge efficiency battery packs!

Uplink Communications module option – applicable to every system

⦁ Provides GPS positioning, cellular contact, and even RF communications
⦁ Monitor Water Quality measurement, set alarms, send notifications, customize – all remotely from your phone – free for a year!

List of Algae we are most likely to control.