Ultra Sonic Algae Treatment

Harmful Algae Blooms are becoming an increasingly dangerous threat in all aspects of water for agricultural, residential, and commercial applications. We offer the latest eco-friendly, chemical-free technology for Algae Treatment.


Our new Bio-Science product line uses cutting edge Ultra-Sonic technology to control algae, cyanobacteria and biofilm safely.

Our objective has always been to reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals in our environment.  This can be used in all situations where water is stored; from large industrial applications to small private pools or ornamental ponds.


These products are available in a full range of sizes and capacities, offering a complete customized solution for each application

This unique Bio-Science system ...

  • uses no chemicals
  • needs a low supply of electrical energy
  • will not harm plants, fish, zooplankton and other life forms.  It is completely safe for the environment with no side effects.

Solar powered units (Bio-Science pontoon systems) are also available for larger applications. This technology is completely environmental-friendly.

Ultra sonic algae treatment CA
Underwater systems services in Canada

What is ultrasonic algae control?

Our Ultra-Sonic algae control devices from Bio-Science, are very specific, underwater systems, which emit ultrasonic sound waves which destroy algae, using scientifically proven frequencies. Our product helps to eliminate and prevent many types of algae, including the toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and bio-film build-up that can cause problems in drinking water and in stored/stagnant water.

An effective Ultra-Sonic technology can be used to treat water environmentally friendly and reduce or eliminate chemical treatment in different applications. These Bio-Science products are typically found to be useful in water systems such as irrigation tanks, aquaculture basins, and swimming pools.  Other common applications for stagnant or semi-stagnant water bodies are ponds and lakes.

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