Testimonials - Puroxi

The following is a sample of testimonials and comments from our distributors, customers and professionals on Puroxi (OB) products. In the interest of privacy and identity security, some of the names have been abbreviated. However, all of the content is verifiable.

I started farming at Pine Park Farms in 2009. I produce about 800,000 kgs. a year. In general all Tom turkeys, 4 flocks a year. The weights at the age that I gave you have been fairly consistent over the last 2 years. I took the general averages from the last 2 years. So, yeah, the biggest difference in the turkey production has been in feed conversion. They seem to tolerate the water better as their droppings are not as watery so contributing to a better litter condition. You are welcome to include my name and farm name. Let me know if there is anything else.
Tanya Carlson
“We recently purchased an Oxy Blast system. We love it! We have 100 beef cows and 4 bulls, 4 hens, 2 horses, 2 dogs, and 3 cats. Everybody drinks water now with Oxy Blast. We have had it for about 1 month. I have a pony that has chronic yeast infections in her hooves. I have tried cream, soaks, and feed additives to help her, but nothing really actually worked. Since the addition of Oxy Blast to our water her hooves are amazing! They actually are starting to look normal. Before Oxy Blast she would stand with her hooves together, like she was standing with all four feet in a pail, and lean forward. Trying to get her weight off of her frogs. She would also be very tender footed on hard packed or frozen ground. Now she stands normally and walks on pretty much any surface with comfort. I can’t believe the difference it has made by just the addition of it to the drinking water I have not applied it topically to her feet.” “Thank-you for giving my pony her life back!
Regards, Sam
“Zak, thank you. I have a big endorsement from Brothers Turkey Farm today. Al said today that he was glad that I came along when I did with the product. He said he didn’t know what they would have done and that it was a great improvement for tendons and bird losses.
“We were worried about our CQM; we failed a test we took in. We installed the system and a week later we passed. We are seeing cleaner water, cleaner troughs and are very happy with your product, it works. We look forward to the long term benefits that you all talked about. Thanks, H.”
“Just a note to let you know so far.. we are amazed with the water … the grit stopped and the water was clear… Just tested it this morning and moved up the pump to 4 … The strip wasn’t at 50 … I should of asked you to leave a few of your cards.”
“We have had a great success story since we added the Puroxi filtration system and the treatment center at the farm. After years of battling water issues , and not having anybody available to come to the farm site and actually look at the problems we faced first hand, it was a relief to have yourself and your company “promise” to fix the issues we faced. It has worked every bit as good if not better than promised. We have spent so much time and labour cleaning water nipples, lines, and filters, and we might have been our own worst enemy, by treating with chemicals we had no backup knowledge from, except trial and error and vendors wanting to sell without backing up their products. I have no doubt we are now in the fast lane with the Puroxi product and filtration system, and haven’t spent more than minutes flushing lines, instead of hours cleaning nipples and lines like before. I would and will recommend your services to anybody asking about our experience with yourself and your company.”
Tim Janssen
“In June of this year, we installed an Oxy Blast system in my home in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I was going to start selling Oxy Blast with my dad and needed to be able to tell others what it has done for my home. The first thing we noticed was the brown scum that came out. We could not believe this is what we had been drinking for several years. The toilets cleaned up. No longer does my wife have to clean the bowls. We also turned off our water softener. Our water is that good! No longer do our two boys have to bathe or shower in chlorinated water and we don’t have to drink it. I believe the Oxy Blast in our drinking water is making us feel better. And this was municipal water here in Cedar Falls that was supposed to be good. Well, now it is. I now can tell my customers what Oxy Blast has done for my home and family.”
Cheers, Barbara
“Hi Zak, Well I finally did my water test, and it passed ! much to my surprise but not yours. ppm were under 1. So I will be needing some more stuff soon. I’ll order 2 containers. Thanks for all the support in getting it running.”
“If you want to just treat the symptom, you’re just opposing the cause. You have to get to the cause to create harmony in livestock people and plants. Every disease has some kind of mineral deficiency”
K. Brothers Dairy, Alberta
“Wow does this product ever work! Production is up, costs are down, and the livestock is happy. Thanks for everything Zak. We will spread the word.”
“Hey Zak, I just got back from the Brussels area. Do you remember a year ago or so I asked you about high somatic cell in a big organic dairy? Well, I convinced the owner to go ahead with the protocol that you suggested and we now have a happy farmer! In fact, he just recommended OxyBlast to another organic dairy down the road and we installed this morning. I’m getting more call as word spreads about the somatic cell count getting lowered in this part of Ontario. Farmers tell me we will see a lot more action soon. We are all thankful for the blessings of this our product.
Farm Fresh Eggs
“I am happy with the results we have. The chickens started getting sick a few weeks ago and I thought the Oxy Blast had finally stopped working. Then I checked the injector pump and found it was not working. I replaced the pump and in a few days the hens were doing better again. Thank you.”
“Zak, those other products cleaned my water; the hydrogen peroxide did a little bit better than the other products for my pigs but Oxy Blast does a lot more. I realize now that the price up front more than made up for what it is saving me in antibiotics and it is definitely worth it.”
“Zak, we passed the CQM water portion of our test because of Oxy Blast. Our cell count has improved and our heats and conception rates are better than we have ever seen. When you told us that the product will pay for itself, we were very sceptical but we feel it has done more than that. Thanks for everything”.
“Hi Zak, Talked to Walter and they went ahead and treated their bee hives with Oxy Blast. He figured it was about 1000ppm then spun the cones to remove all the oxy blast, just like they do to take the honey out. All the bees are doing well. He also told me he got in a flock of 6600 birds treated at 300ppm for 4 days then backed off to 100ppm. His dead loss was .4 of one percent. Always before his dead loss was 6 percent or more! That is the best looking flock he has ever had. We have got another happy customer.”