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Swine PRRS

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October 2  |  Farm, food safety, Livestock, News, Newsletters, Pork, Reports, Tests, Research  |   Webmaster

 Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome  (PRRS)

We had a situation I want to share with you. I do not have the customer’s permission to share his personal information, but we did something pretty important on a hog barn in Canada.

It all started with the customer calling me about 2 years ago.  I was actually at the Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock.  He talked to me for about 1 1/2 hours on the phone and we decided we needed to get a water report, which he agreed with.  To make a long story short, the customer did not get the report back to us.  Time went by and a year ago, we placed a Dealer in their area. The Dealer followed up with the customer and sold them Oxy Blast and companion products, since they had tried everything else and were not happy with the results.  The customer commented that the price was good for most of the other products, but they were using a product that was costing them about the same, or maybe a little more, than Oxy Blast.

They had a blood viral infection in their hogs.  So, they used Oxy Blast at high levels that we recommended and  a little while later, the hogs started doing really well.  The customer started believing in the product, so we started a protocol of prevention and using the product while documenting results. The customer did an Elisa in July after using Oxy Blast according to our protocol.  The Elisa showed that the customer had PRRS Positive. From what I understand, this is a test to see if PRRS was ever present at any point. To find out if they currently have PRRS they do a Titer, but the Titer came back Negative;  meaning there was none there! This customer has had an increase in the pigs they sell to a local butcher shop because of the quality of the meat & fat content and the customers say that it’s the best tasting pork they have ever had. This customer now calls me on a weekly basis to discuss what they should do next.  We have them on some additional protocols that are proving a lot of interesting things. 

This is just another of our many success stories from livestock producers.


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