Steps for best hog and poultry operations

exposure to hogs operations

The most basic need of hog and poultry operations is unlimited access to clean water.

Always start with a water analysis from your local independent lab. That way, you can check on the
person who says they are an industry professional.

Most of the industry has adopted an enclosed drinker system; this helps reduce contamination from
various foreign matter and the water your farm animal’s drink.

The less water you allow to leak, the better for the environment. Drinkers change consistently as
technology finds better, more advanced ways to challenge present drinker issues.

Drinkers should be monitored daily, and routine maintenance should be performed to maximize water
flow and minimize water leakage because the leakage can cause disease and mould from stagnant water
on the ground, not to mention the discomfort of your farm animals.

Puroxi Most Important Nutrients

We at Puroxi believe water is your most important nutrient. It also is the least expensive way to help
you with many health and growth factors.

Start at the source, your well/borehole, dugout (big body of water in a hole with a liner), holding tanks
etc. These should be shocked and cleaned in the initial first use of our products processes.

Make sure you always have a proper supply of water. I like to have a backup system for all our
agricultural customer applications. A backup plan is a holding tank so that if you have issues, you have
enough time for plumbers/maintenance to get things running again. No farm in the world can run
without water. Ensure your good pump, water lines and holding tanks are sized right. Ensure the height of your drinkers is set up for the height of your hogs and poultry animals.

We like to shock all the plumbing by using Puroxi (OB) before bringing animals in; however, if this is not
possible, we have a system to customize your cleaning process.

Ensure you have enough drinkers as the alpha (more assertive, more aggressive) animals do not push
the beta (weaker, more submissive) animals away from being able to drink the water or feed. Always
supply plenty of water nipples, so this does not happen. Place more drinkers than not, and make them
drink as much as they need rather than just enough to survive. Make it easy for all your animals to drink.

Another critical factor is the transfer of diseases through water lines. Make sure you always keep in
touch with your local Puroxi representative to keep ahead of disease problems. We have protocols that
have been around for years and work. We share these only with our loyal customers.

This blog is on hogs and poultry; we will move to ultrasonic algae treatment next.

– Zak

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