Retentive Formula

What is PRF?

Puroxi Retentive Formula (PRF) can quickly absorb a large amount of water and lock it firmly. When the water absorption reaches saturation, it changes from a powder or granular state to a hydrogel state. This gel retains water and nutrients and allows the plants to absorb water and nutrients as needed.

This process is similar to a solar panel and battery concept. You use the solar panel to transfer energy to the battery; you can choose when to use the power and how much to use according to your requirements. The battery stores the energy, and you can use it on demand, similar to what a plant will do with PRF.

Generally, the water absorption capacity of our PRF can reach hundreds of times its own. For particular purposes, it can reach thousands of times.

PRF is an eco-friendly material, and it is non-toxic, harmless, and nonpolluting.

Safety and biodegradation

PRF degrades naturally in soils (up to 10%-15% annually). It becomes C02 and H20 with no residue or pollution to plants or soil.

Irrigation frequency is reduced by up to 50%

PRF can hold moisture and increases the water-holding capacity of soils for several years.

Enhancing plant growth

PRF allows water and nutrients to be continuously available in the root zone for optimal absorption as the plant requires. This allows enhanced growth factors that will benefit the plant in many ways.

Improved soil structure

PRF improves the physical properties of compact soils by allowing the soil to have much better aeration.

Limits loss of nutrients

PRF improves the utilization rate of fertilizer, similar to what Puroxi OB does with oxygen. Small reservoirs are formed, allowing for better absorption of fertilizers and nutrients. We feel that with the combination of Puroxi OB, our Ultrasonic Descaler and PRF, you will not only see better results., your fertilizer usage could decrease while accomplishing a more natural and vibrant end product.
Longevity of benefits

Longevity of benefits

PRF has a repeated water absorption and expansion capability, which allows it to be effective for up to 5 years.

PRF has methods of application

Forestation of the PRF can be accomplished by pre-hydration of the powder into water and implemented directly in around the plant in the field. This can be done by hand or with equipment; just be careful not to damage the plant’s roots.

Potting mixes of the PRF. It can be incorporated into a substrate (dry or hydrated with water), and used in nurseries, greenhouses, and potting mixes.

Large-scale farming can use PRF by implementing a sowing coulter (Soil conditions determine its most effective depth). Use a pneumatic micro granular spreader. Whichever mode of incorporation you use, ensure the PRF is buried adequately into the soil; this protects it from UV radiation.

Name Puroxi Retentive Formula for Agriculture
Dry Matter 85% – 95%
Appearance of the product Dry = white powder, Hydrated = transparent gel
HP 6.5-7.5
Particle size Powders, micro granules, granules
Maximum absorption (in w/w)* ≥350 in deionized water;150 in soil
Dosage Substrate: 1 to 2 grams per liter,Broadcast on soil: 20 to 50 grams per
Available water at pF4.2(Near-permanent wilting point) 95%
Effectiveness in soil 2years
Toxicity in soil None under normal conditions of use
Packaging 25kg per kraft bag
Storage temperature 0° – 35°C

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