Puroxi OB Oxyblast

Natural Eco-friendly- Our Hydrogen Peroxide “based" Oxy Blast Puroxi (Ob) Product.​

PUROXI (OB) is made from a “proprietary stabilized acceleration formula” with the highest quality Hydrogen Peroxide available as its base. This formula has much more vitality than plain hydrogen peroxide for water treatment, purification, conditioning. Remember not all hydrogen peroxides are the same. PUROXI (OB) is also a more powerful Oxidizer than Chlorine, thus eliminating the harmful effects of Chlorine (as proven by independent lab reports). USDA approved.

The PUROXI (OB) stabilized acceleration formula contains NO fillers making our product very effective and economical; using less product, and performing better. It is very effective and lasts much longer, to treat all kinds of water conditions, especially for residential use, our NSF Approved product (NSF quality pdf), is also available for use in drinking water. We work with well-known international leaders in water treatment, who have demonstrated proven results for many years.

Why Should You Use Puroxi Products

Our products have proven to be very beneficial for livestock, poultry and home owners by purifying your water supply without affecting its nutritional value.

PUROXI (OB) is safe, natural and effective at reducing many of the problems associated with well-water including: dissolved ferrous iron, iron, slime, manganese, hydrogen sulphide and other trace elements that reduce livestock water consumption.

In some cases proper filtration combined with our products can also provide additional benefits. For the best dairy, livestock, and poultry products, all animals need an ongoing adequate supply of fresh, nutritional drinking water. Water is the most important product resource on every farm and well-water home. Without good water there are many health, well-being, and economical issues. We purify water of all kinds, some of our customers are banana plantations, greenhouses, cannabis, grapes, flowers, hydroponics, crops, egg plants, beans, fruit, potatoes, and many other items. We like to say if it is life and it consumes water we can help immensily.

Remember, Having Clean Water Does Not Necessarily Mean That You Have Good Water

PUROXI (OB) is more powerful than Chlorine and it also dissipates the negative effects of Chlorine. Chlorinated Water robs water of nutrition, creating what we call “dead water”. Our product keeps the nutritional value in your water; it also adds extra oxygen. Excess chlorine absorption and build-up are proven to be detrimental to the health of your family and livestock. Adding PUROXI (OB) to your municipal system after the water has been chlorinated, will also help to eliminate the negative effects of Chlorine. Information about the health hazards of chlorine is widely available on the internet. See our Studies-Reports section.

We also have an expert panel of consultants; veterinarian, water physiologist, nutritionist,filtration expert, etc. This expertise enables us to:
  • accurately determine the unique challenges of each individual site
  • Recommend the best solutions
  • provide greater value and more reliable service.

All of this results in an improved immune system, better overall health, reduced costs, and increased production and profits for our clients. Our products and services are especially effective in the residential, commercial, and agricultural sectors.

“If you want to just treat the symptom, you’re just opposing the cause. You have to get to the cause to create harmony in livestock, people and plants. Every disease has some kind of mineral deficiency” ~ Gordy Jordahl

“You know your product is successful when you look forward
to taking your customers’ calls” ~ Zak

We believe that we have the ability to change the way the world thinks about water purification, conservation, and sustainability. Together, we can make a lasting difference.

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  • PUROXI Ingredient Advantages

“I am using a straight hydrogen peroxide. What is the difference."

Just like anything else, there are good quality Hydrogen Peroxide products and cheaper/inferior products that are not as effective. You get what you pay for and should expect appropriate results. However, even with a good quality Hydrogen Peroxide system, you may still need to use 2 to 3 times more than PUROXI (OB) to get equal results, without the added benefits of our product. This is because of the proprietary formula of added natural nutrients and stabilizers, with NO fillers.

Puroxi (OB) Advantages
  • Very Economical – PUROXI (OB) is currently available in a 34% and 50% concentration for just pennies a day per head. As a matter of fact, tests have been done with feed conversion. The result? Our customers report increased profits, even after calculating the cost of the product and additional incidental costs on some operations. Ask your local Dealer to show you the test results.
  • Better overall Health: Livestock and Poultry producers have reported better overall health in their herds and flocks. They have also reported a drastic reduction of antibiotic use for their animals. This is even more evident when the quality of water is marginal. High levels of SRBs, slime, manganese and iron, can reduce water intake dramatically.
  • Productive Investment: If you have never paid to fix your water issues, it looks like an added cost. However, you should view it as an investment to see a net financial return which more than exceeds the cost of the treatment.
  • USDA Organically Approved
  • NSF Quality Product available

Best Water Solutions Provider Awards

Puroxi Pure Water Global Inc was shortlisted for the awards category, Water Solutions Provider of the Year! As highlighted, it was some good news. I can confirm you that you have been chosen as the 2023/24 winners. Congratulations Zak! The generic winner’s logo has been attached which you can utilize to promote the recognition and the official press release will be conducted in March (defined date to come