Natural eco-friendly Puroxi (OB) Water Treatment for Crops

Natural, eco-friendly Puroxi water treatment is very effective for ALL CROPS against infestation from …

insects, viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and fungi. Crops will have stronger healthier plants and root systems, larger fruits, and a more abundant harvest.

PUROXI (OB) stabilized accelerated solution is made from a “proprietary formula” with the highest quality ingredients available, which makes it a safe yet very effective product.   Basically, we are imitating and enhancing nature’s ideal methods (rain, dew, moisture, etc.) with combined efforts of hydrogen and oxygenation.  Optimum levels are determined by individual analysis and customized protocol using our products.

Best Agriculture water system in Canada

Seeing is believing! See the results for yourself …

Put simply, all plants are healthier when they are nourished with clean, nutritional water.


PUROXI (OB) is safe, readily available and very economical

PUROXI (OB) gives more oxygen to the water, which helps plants

All crops can gain some benefit from PUROXI (OB)

Plants sprayed with PUROXI (OB) seem to have an improved immune system and stay healthy for their entire life-cycle.

Best Agriculture water system in Canada

How it works:

We develop a customized solution for each unique situation, after a complete analysis of a water report performed by an independent local lab.  We then blend our formula with our very own stability package, and additional ingredients for a custom-made water treatment package.

PUROXI (OB) will immediately start to breakdown into hydrogen, oxygen & water as soon as it hits the plant. As was pointed out in Light and Color, there will be a heating effect, which is the hydrogen reaction. Then, the oxygen will permeate through the tiny pores on the underside of the leaf (if a reasonably high-pressure sprayer is used). This will occur even in very hot weather, if it was applied very early in the morning, even though the heating effect occurred first. The plant seemed to take stress better because the oxygen actually permeated down into the plant. This seemed to release the oxygen in the heat of the day, and did not cause the wilting experienced by untreated plants. (University Study)

Due to these factors and to increased oxygen intake, plants grow bigger and faster with PUROXI (OB), as confirmed by many satisfied growers; greater yields with less health issues

Foliar spray application further strengthens the plant and increases health and growth. The best time to foliar spray is early morning

By providing safe, clean, nutritional water, free of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other contaminants, many of our customers have seen additional benefits and side effects.

Additional Features & Benefits

(based on reports & observations from many of our satisfied customers)

Can be applied with other fertilizers or insecticides

Herbicide usage & control may be reduced for most crops

Benefits all crops by adding oxygen

Helps keep water tanks clean

Helps keep sprayers clean – no more plugged nozzles.

Can help to reduce or even eliminate the need for AMS (ammonium sulfate) depending on the hardness of water and the weather conditions

Will soften the water approximately 25%

Best Agriculture water system in Canada

Other Methods of Application

Aerial Spray (crop duster)

Aerial Spray (crop duster)

Aerial Spray (crop duster)

Precision Sprayer

Precision Sprayer

Precision Sprayer




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