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Puroxi Filtration Systems

Even though PUROXI (OB) is a wonderful product, it is not a “cure-all” or “miracle cure” that can fix everything. Sometimes our customers require additional help and auxiliary equipment like filtration, softeners and RO (reverse osmosis) units to accompany the use of PUROXI. As a result, we have set up a distribution & service network that specializes in products for the water treatment, conditioning and purification industry. Many of our Distributors are water quality specialists currently supplying the agricultural, residential, industrial, institutional and municipal markets.

Our Head Office has been able to negotiate directly with a few select manufacturers, which enables us to offer you the best price in the industry for the most efficient brand name equipment. Since this is not our main line of business, we have no handling or inventory costs, so we are able to supply the equipment at a minimal markup, further adding to your savings in total overall costs. All you need in most cases is a plumber to do the installation.

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We also have a polishing filter that is the top of the line. When we do an analysis for you, we can supply you with a quotation to suit your needs. Remember, we are not in the filtration business; our primary focus is our PUROXI line of products. We offer a variety of filtration products to accommodate our customer needs to suit their own unique site requirements. As your water treatment specialists, in all facets of water purification, we want to offer you a complete one-stop solution.

When your local Distributor suggests a water filter, softener or polishing filter it is because we want you to have the best quality water possible. Sometimes you need to add as you go; improving your water according to your needs and budget. You see, at PUROXI, we understand budget, operation, and time constraints. We want to make sure that you invest only in the equipment that you need at the time. If you are satisfied with your results, without adding any additional equipment or systems, that’s OK with us. As we continue to say, our main goal is to help you improve your water supply to your satisfaction. If we can be of further service, we will be glad to offer our advice and expertise, based on years of experience. We’re always here to help.

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Puroxi Pure Water Global Inc was shortlisted for the awards category, Water Solutions Provider of the Year! As highlighted, it was some good news. I can confirm you that you have been chosen as the 2023/24 winners. Congratulations Zak! The generic winner’s logo has been attached which you can utilize to promote the recognition and the official press release will be conducted in March (defined date to come