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The Shield

The Shield uses LEDs and nanotechnology coated mesh to activate photochemical processes and purify water.

The Shield is compact, simple to install, and can be used for purifying incoming water for decentralized drinking water.  

The Shield has the broadest contaminant coverage and provides the simplest use of any product on the market, with the lowest operating costs.  The new Shield 1000 treats double the amount of water and uses half of the energy input, compared to the Shield 500.

Contaminant Chart

Ultrapure Water (Lab Quality)Can-20 front view

As a cost effective component in an ultrapure water system, the Shield provides large reductions in TOC, solids, and pathogens in Type I, II, or III water:


Well Water Purification

groundwater applications
The Shield 1000 provides the broadest range of coverage for ground water contaminants, and is extremely effective for drinking water for residences and livestock. Some of the major sources of these contaminants are storage tanks, septic systems, hazardous waste sites, landfills, and the widespread use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals.
Most of the emerging contaminants on the EPA primary, secondary, or contaminant candidate lists are organics, pathogens, or metals that can be eliminated by the Puralytics Process, without creating any hazardous waste.
In many parts of the world, there is a growing concern about the effects of Hydraulic Fracturing, commonly known as Fracking, affecting the aquifer and nearby wells.
Following is a link to a YouTube video explanation …

The Shield offers the ideal solution in such cases.

Decentralized Drinking Water Treatment

In many locations in the world, either completely self contained water purification or complete isolation from the municipal supply is required. The self contained systems for the military must be able to purify water from any source to potable standards. The Shield 500 can provide a lower cost, more effective means to remove the most difficult contaminants.
Because there are no chemicals required, the logistics of using the system are greatly simplified, and the rugged design, light weight, and simplicity of operation fit easily into this environment. Remote field offices cannot rely on the incoming municipal or well water quality for drinking or cooking. The Puralytics Shield in conjunction with an activated carbon filter can provide the required protection and safety.

For industrial applications – click here

For commercial applications – click here

For complimentary on-site testing – click here


For a detailed overview of our complete Drinking Water System (DWS) please click here

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to download the Shield 1000 brochure

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Industrial Applications:

Industrial Systems

Following is a list of some Industries that we feel can benefit from the Shield:

Robotics –

Robotics has become a huge industry in large dairy operations, where you need lab quality water. The Shield can produce the quality you need without waste.

Food and Beverage –

The Shield can assist the food & beverage industry in being “green” by: purify your wash water for food; reducing/eliminating the potential of contamination. Also, with increasing resistance to the use of bottled water, the potential to go from source to tap as a polisher is extremely viable. Replace your bottled water and be in the forefront of green technology.

Automotive/Steel Manufacturing –

The Shield is an effective back end polishing system in the recycling and reuse of manufacturing waste and rinse waters.

Pulp and Paper –

Pulp and paper is one of the worlds most water-dependent industries, with water involved at practically every step of the process. Large quantities of wastewater are produced, thus creating ongoing treatment and discharge challenges. The Shield process will allow you to meet and possibly surpass any environmental standards / legislation. The cost of clean-up by authorities will not only hinder production, it may also impact your reputation and social responsibility impression. Along with hidden costs, it would be more expensive than fixing the problem before it exists.

Pharmaceutical –

The Shield as a back end polisher after your existing RO will amaze any pharmaceutical company’s waste treatment process. This will allow you to meet or exceed any environmental legislation or ISO standards.

Textiles –

Effectively treating opportunities for water recycling and re-use are critical to ensuring a competitive edge. Environmental regulations are getting tougher and we can help on the discharge or re-use end of your operation. Dyed wastewater can be difficult to treat and acceptable treatment solutions are becoming more difficult to access. The Shield can assist this industry in many ways. Yes, there is a cost involved, however, what is the cost of bad media or not meeting local environmental obligations?

Manufacturing Process Water Treatment –

Water is used in all manufacturing processes: cooling, boiler water, cooling tower, rinsing and washing, as well as your equipment life span. Contribute to your product quality and equipment costs. For instance, treatment of your boiler feed water can reduce fuel consumption while keeping equipment in good shape. Meet environmental regulations while enjoying clean and effective water. The Shield can assist in your process along with the other processes you might already have in place. Use the Shield to polish your final result.

Microelectronics Water –

The electronics industry has become a huge industry as miniaturization technology is in demand. Your requirements for water quality are extremely important, as you know. As a rinsing agent, you need lab quality water or the quality of the product can suffer. The Shield will also help you meet your more stringent environmental regulations. Water disinfection and sterilization to ensure purity levels, water re-use and recycling to reduce overall water consumption, and effective wastewater treatment, will all benefit from the Shield process. If you understand microelectronics, you will appreciate the nanotechnology involved in the Shield. Give us a call to demonstrate what we can do.

Waste Management –

Waste management operations and regulations are regionally controlled. Pharmaceuticals in water are becoming an increasing issue. We can assist you in your polishing process. Install the Shield on the back end of any wastewater and see what many industry professionals have not seen. Do a test to find out for yourself, if this is a good solution for you.

Water Purification –

Use the Shield to remove stubborn items like pharmaceuticals and heavy metals from drinking water. Call us to arrange a free no-obligation demo to see the results for yourself. Pharmaceuticals in drinking water are becoming an increasingly huge issue. We can help with the polishing of your water and removal process.


The Shield is the ONLY system currently available that completely eliminates every lethal toxin found in contaminated water, including gasoline, diesel fuel, pesticides, heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc.), and especially pharmaceuticals (prescription medication, artificial hormones, antibiotics, etc.)

It uses NO chemicals, expensive filters or membranes, creates ZERO waste, and is extremely energy-efficient.


Commercial Applications

Commercial Point of Use (POU) or Point of Entry (POE) Systems

Many commercial facilities require consistently purified water for their processes. These include:

  • Restaurants
~ Coffee/tea/ice/drinking
~ Post fill soda
  • Residential complexes
~ NGO or expat compounds
~ Resorts
  • Offices
~Temporary project offices
~ Non-potable municipal water locations
  • Food production
~ Bakeries, breweries


Complimentary onsite Testing:

Complimentary onsite Test:

Puroxi Pure Water Global Inc. offers a wide variety of water treatment solutions and we have always endeavored to be at the forefront of our industry.

We have been purifying the most stubborn agricultural water challenges for many years and gained a strong reputation with many clients worldwide. We have recently partnered up with Puralytics and their advanced award-winning technology to offer our customers an even greater choice of options for safe, efficient, cost-effective solutions.

We would like to offer you a complimentary test, without obligation, with the Shield© to demonstrate before and after water conditions on your premises. That way you can actually know in advance if this technology will work for you, prior to committing to any purchase. Of course, we would want to see the water report in order to understand what it is that we are treating. We would also need to know what equipment you already have in place.

Would you like to take advantage of this test and send the results to your preferred lab? We would be glad to bring our demonstration model to your location and run some water through the Shield. We can also assist in water disinfection and oxidation of contaminants. Remember, the Shield process is water in, water out, without any wasted water like Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems.


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