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Puroxi Ingredient Advantages Puroxi Ingredient Advantages

Puroxi Ingredient Advantages

Put simply, if your animals drink, they eat; if they don’t drink, they don’t eat.  If they don’t like the water, they will only drink what they absolutely have to.  If they don’t drink or eat to their capacity, they don’t gain and their intake struggles, so you don’t meet your feed targets.  Also, they don’t get all the vitamins and minerals from the feed that your nutritionist is giving them. 

The bottom line is that water is just as important to you as feed.  How much do you spend on feed? Your cost for water is probably 1/50th of your feed cost.  We will be happy to give you a more precise idea once we know your present feed cost and number of animals.

Livestock Drinking

Following are some examples of financial return possibilities that our customers have shared with us. 

We have seen many successful results in all these operations. We are not using actual figures but want to illustrate the gains available so that you can make an informed decision.  Please note that this is not including any additional health benefits and resulting savings; just the increased production.

Dairy– an increase of $16.00 /cwt or 0.16/ lb more milk per day will completely cover the cost of using Puroxi (OB).

Feedlot Cattle– if there was an extra gain of 1/4 lb. and the cost of beef was $1.47 lb – you would gain $0.368.  If it cost you $0.06 to $0.08 a head a day would that be worth it?

Swine– If it cost you $ 1.00 to $ 3.00 a turn and you gained $ 5.00 to $10.00, would that interest you?

Broilers– if it cost you $ .01 to $.02 cents a bird a turn, how much do you think they have to drink and eat to gain the cost? Your interest is liveability, feed conversion and rate of gain.  We can help you through our protocol to address those issues.

Layers– Your interest is more eggs, less cracked eggs, and longer peak periods.  If we can show you how we can help you with this, would that interest you?

We have some specific formulations that we can also add to your barrel according to your own unique situation.  If you prefer, we can add these along with the standard ingredients. Please advise your local Distributor and we will make sure that they blend the formula and put it in on location.

Our product is proprietary; each customer’s water warrants specific blends to treat their particular issue and to improve their water quality. These blends are taken into account on an evaluation process. For example, if you have iron in the water we are exposing the iron so that it can be filtered better.  Does this mean that our product is all that you need?  No, it means that to get rid of the iron you need to add some kind of filter.  So our ingredients, system, and package for each customer is custom made, according to their needs.

Our formulation and ingredients are proprietary.  We will share one ingredient that we will add at your location to show you that we do add ingredients.  Many of our Distributors have been told by farmers that they have been incorrectly advised that they cannot add ingredients to our product base.  We will prove otherwise.  In today’s skeptical world, trust has to be earned and we understand that, so ask your Distributor to add CSP Dry to your barrel in front of you.  The CSP Dry is always added, as it enhances some of the proprietary formulation that is used on your farm.

In addition to getting a very quick payback on our products due to increased production, you will also gain many additional benefits and cost savings.  Please contact your local distributor to find out more.

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