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LG UltraSonic


We are very proud and pleased to introduce the newest family of premium water treatment products.  LG Sound is the world leader in chemical-free UltraSonic water treatment technology after 10 years of product development with certification and endorsements by leading universities, independent labs, and government agencies.

LG Sound uses cutting edge LG UltraSonic technology to control algae, cyanobacteria and biofilm safely. Our objective has always been to reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals in our environment.  It can be used in all situations where water is stored; from large industrial applications to small private pools or ornamental ponds.

Buoy Solar smallThese systems are available in a full range of sizes and capacities, offering a complete customized solution for each application.  This unique Ultrasound system uses no chemicals, needs a low supply of electrical energy and does not harm plants, fish, zooplankton and other life forms.  It is completely safe for the environment with no side effects.  Solar powered units (MP Buoy) are also available for larger applications.  

What is ultrasonic algae control?

UltraSonic algae control devices from LG Sound, are very specific, underwater systems, which emit ultrasonic sound waves which destroy algae, using scientifically proven frequencies.   LG Sonic offers the possibility to eliminate many types of algae, including the toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and biofilm build-up that can cause problems in drinking water and cooling towers.

 An effective UltraSonic technology can be used to treat water environmentally friendly and reduce chemical treatment in different applications. The LG Sonic products are typically found to be useful in industrial water systems such as irrigation tanks, aquaculture basins, cooling towers and (waste) water treatment plants. Other common applications for LG Sonic are (more or less) stagnant water bodies such as ponds and lakes.  

The Advantages of our Technology


  • Controls algae

The LG UltraSonic technology combines strength, safety and efficiency in one product to control algae in many applications.

  • Environmentally friendly

LG UltraSonic offers a method to control algae without using chemicals or to reduce chemical treatment. Besides that, the LG Sonic technology has very low power consumption.

  • Friendly for fish and water plants

The LG UltraSonic technology is tough on algae yet completely harmless for other life forms present in the water. Various universities have researched the effect of the LG Sonic products on fish, zooplankton and water plants, but no negative effect was found.

  • Controls biofilm

LG Sonic uses the newest technologies to control biofilm in many applications where chemical additives are unwanted or need to be reduced.

  • Effective on large water surfaces

The LG Sonic products can efficiently control algae up to 186 meter per device with a power consumption of just 5 Watt.

  • Easy to install and maintain

The LG Sonic devices are being placed in the water body itself, emitting sound waves through your water reservoir.    

Applications for LG UltraSonic Technology 

Cooling Tower:

Cooling Towers

The most effective algae and biofilm control solution in cooling towers with the multiple frequency programs of the LG Sonic e-Line. Due to its high efficiency, you can now reduce biocide consumption in the cooling tower and improve the water quality.  

Drinking water Plant:

drinking water plant

LG UltraSonic prevents taste and odour problems by controlling the growth of Cyanobacteria, biofilm and filamentous bacteria, thereby reducing metabolic by-products such as toxins, geosmins and MIB, along with THM formation when chemicals are used. LG Sonic can be installed in tanks with low retention time and also in flocculation tanks where they improve the interaction between reagents and reactants.

WWTP: (wastewater treatment plants)

LG UltraSonic controls suspended and filamentous algae, without using chemicals and without killing beneficial bacteria in different stages of the wastewater treatment plant.  It also aids to achieve reduced levels of TSS, BOD, COD and PH, facilitating easier discharge of the wastewater.


Ponds LG UltraSonic reduces algae blooms and bad odour, thereby increasing the recreational value of ornamental and golf course ponds. Thanks to the Chameleon technology, targeted algae are being controlled without harming fish, frogs, zooplankton, water plants and other types of life present in the water.  

Swimming pools:

e-line pool LG UltraSonic e-Line can efficiently aid in reduced chlorine consumption of your swimming pool. The specific frequency programs of the e-Line can be set to target black algae, biofilm or suspended algae. The e-Line features a special swimming pool program so the ultrasound cannot be heard while swimming.


Aquaculture Several aquaculture ponds, can be treated at the same time, thanks to the multiple transducer option of the e-line.  LG UltraSonic improves the water quality for fish and shrimp and reduces cyanobacteria toxins, improving their taste and minimizing losses of the cultures animals.


See below for papers & studies on the effectiveness of UltraSound water treatment technology:

The International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IAEES)


Case Studies

Please click on the following links for brochures and video presentations:

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Aquaculture-Fish Farms

Industrial Line

Cooling Towers

Raw Water Reservoirs


MPC Buoy

Ecohull (ship applications)


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