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Organic Cow Calf Operation

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October 2  |  Case Studies, Farm, News, Newsletters, Research  |   Webmaster

The following is a testimonial from an Organic Cow-Calf operator that used our product.  He was so impressed that he became a Dealer 2 years ago. I put him on the phone with a customer the other day and he started mentioning all these different things that were happening to people around him. I asked him to send me a note.


Hi Zak,

Over the duration of my experience with oxyblast I have witnessed the following results at home and on customer’s property:

–  A customer had manganese in his water, that over a number of years, plugged the holes in the well crib to the point that he could pump his well dry and observe the number of holes still open.  He talked to me and asked me to shock treat the well with Oxy Blast.  A shock treatment was done at 500 PPM,  and an additional purge of 100PPM, then letting the well stand for six hours.  When the customer pumped his well he could see that 8 additional holes had opened up.  

Another shock treatment was done much stronger than the first.  The water in the well was bubbling pretty good.  This second shock treatment opened up 10 additional holes in the crib.  This was a 40 year old well that had years of magnesium build up.


–  At home the iron was high enough that white clothes could not be washed without staining.  With the introduction of Oxy Blast into the water,  white clothes were washed and there was no staining.  Since then an iron filter has been installed to remove most of the iron from the water.  (happy wife)


–  Livestock producers have reported that there is less ice build up around water bowls in winter.  Probably because water does not smell and it tastes better, so animals drink instead of licking and splashing it to get used to it before they drink.


–  A producer with sulphates in the water noticed that with Oxy Blast in the water,  the livestock quit coughing and their feet improved and the manure tightened up.  The livestock also consumed less free choice mineral.  When animals had hoof rot on summer pasture, the rancher hauled the cows home to drink the Oxy Blast water and the feet healed.


~ By the way – he just won Organic Farmer of the year! ~

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