Reports and Observations

Following are some independent reports & observations by various farm operations after using PUROXI (OB)
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Puroxi Dairy producers report

Daily Producers Report​

Dairy Producers Report: Increased milk yields- peaks are longer, Lowered somatic cell counts, Increased butterfat content, Reduced retained placentas, Helps reduce scours in new-born calves, Increased levels of colostrum after calving, Reduced incidences of mastitis, Improves hoof health, Can be applied topically to hairy warts, Effective treatment for mastitis, Removes milk-stone from pipeline, …

Puroxi Milk fat percentage

Milk Fat Percentage

PUROXI (OB) does not interfere or contribute to milk fat percentage. A balanced diet will help with butterfat percentages. Please consult your nutritionist on this matter. Milk compositions vary by breed. Cows Milk Nutritional Value.

Puroxi Swine Producers report

Swine Producers Report

Lower incidence of: Stomach ulcers, Swine haitis, Hemorrhagic bowel syndrome (HBS), PRRS (Porcine reproductive & respiratory syndrome), Circovirus, Strep infections, – Reduced medication and vet bills

Puroxi Feedlot Cattle report

Feedlot Cattle Producers Report

Reduced shipping fever, Improved hoof conditions, Cattle are more content, Less waterborne diseases, Lowered medication and vet bills, Increase feed conversion, Better and faster gains .

Puroxi Poultry raisers report

Poultry Raisers Report

Less incidence of disease, Less leg and tendon problems, Drier litter, Better egg quality for layers, Lowered medication and vet bills

Puroxi Livestock & Poultry Producers Report

Livestock & Poultry Producers Report

Cleaner well pumps/ water pipes/ water supply, Increased water/feed consumption of animals, Reduced respiratory or gut problems, Improved daily gains, Increased feed conversion, Lowered medication and vet bills, A way to de-chlorinate their water supply, A natural de-worming effect .

Best Water Solutions Provider Awards

Puroxi Pure Water Global Inc was shortlisted for the awards category, Water Solutions Provider of the Year! As highlighted, it was some good news. I can confirm you that you have been chosen as the 2023/24 winners. Congratulations Zak! The generic winner’s logo has been attached which you can utilize to promote the recognition and the official press release will be conducted in March (defined date to come