Nanobubble Technology

What is Nanobubble Technology?

Nano or fine bubbles are a significant contributor and emerging technology and solution that addresses climate change, environmental challenges, cost of energy reduction in drinking water, wastewater, water bodies, water tanks, water towers, desalination, industrial, agricultural, aquaculture, lakes and ponds, oil and gas, mining, beauty and health, dental care, medical/bio-medical and other applications.

Nanobubbles stability
  • Nanobubbles have a neutral buoyancy, so they do not rise to the surface.
  • Nanobubbles can remain in water for months.
  • When Nanobubbles collapse in water, they pass their gas content to the surrounding liquid, this delivers huge gas transfer efficiency as the gas is not lost to the surface of the water body.
  • When stable in the water column, they have important effects on surfaces of the pollutants they contact.

Nanobubble Surface Area

  • Increases gas surface area by 400x
  • Increases gas/water contact allowing for greater exchange of gas into liquid
  • Decreased surface tension of water makes water more “wet” or “slippery”
  • Reduces energy needed for gas transfer
  • Reduces gas waste vs traditional technology
  • Reduces time to transfer gas, allows for a more responsive gas transfer solution

Nanobubble Properties:

  • 4X better gas transfer than existing premium aeration solutions
  • 98 reductions in cost of technology in last 10 years
  • Advanced technology that is beneficial to all industries with water.
Potential Applications Are Endless

Explore the expansive realm of nanobubbles and their diverse applications across various industries. From revolutionizing water purification methods to enhancing healthcare practices, and optimizing aquaculture and agriculture processes, nanobubbles showcase their versatility. These minuscule bubbles also find relevance in mining, offering innovative solutions across a multitude of sectors. Join us on a journey through the cutting-edge applications of nanobubbles, where science meets practicality to address challenges and elevate industries. to new heights.

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