Kasco Aeration and Decorative Fountains: Improving Water Quality and Aesthetics

Kasco aeration and fountains

Floating decorative fountains have changed a lot over the years and were once designed for resorts, city parks, and other attractions. New technologies have made floating decorative wells more accessible and less expensive to operate. Homeowners with in-ground ponds and lakes can now give their properties a stunning look by adding Kasco aeration and decorative fountains. Kasco has a wide range of floating decorative fountains to suit every application. You can even add lights to create an unforgettable ambience.

JF Series decorative fountains range in size from 1/4 HP to 7 1/2 HP, and each decorative fountain includes five different nozzles. This fountain comes with a pump, motor, power cord, float, rope, and remote control. Additional sets of 2 and 3 lamps are available. The length of electrical cables varies from 15 to 120 meters.

The V-spray model from the Kasco VFX series has been launched. These decorative wells are mainly used for aeration. For ponds and lakes with varying water levels, floating decorative fountains are the best solution for aeration and water movement. For medium- to large-koi ponds with skimmers and pumps, consider adding a floating decorative fountain to reduce the surface area of ​​standing water.

Why go for the Kasco Aeration and Decorative Fountains?

Large ponds and lakes can have low oxygen levels and little or no water movement. This can cause problems with algae, thermocline, anaerobic bacteria, and slime buildup. Bubble algae, which produce oxygen during the day, consume oxygen rapidly during low light and at night. Rotting leaves, windblown debris, and fish droppings also contribute to low oxygen levels and silt build-up. There are two types of decomposition: aerobic decomposition and anaerobic decomposition. Anaerobic decomposition is a slow process that occurs in the absence of oxygen and contains byproducts of sulfur dioxide and other sulfur compounds, giving the pond sediment a rotten egg smell. As sediment builds up, it creates floating algae and a sewage smell in the pond. It’s not good for fish, either.

Stagnant water can also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Aerobic decomposition occurs in the presence of oxygen and is much faster due to the byproduct of carbon dioxide.  Tanks with these problems can greatly benefit from the addition of a flotation decorative well. Floating decorative wells collect water from the top layer of water and move the water to the bottom, reducing the thermocline. The spray from the fountain greatly improves the oxygen levels, and any remaining algae quickly disappears. When the accumulated sludge breaks down through aerobic decomposition, the odor disappears. Floating decorative fountains offer all these benefits while creating a beautiful whole.

Why use Kasco’s decorative fountains for aeration?

The dynamics of oxygen production and use in ponds can be complex and difficult to quantify. Aquatic plankton and algae can produce oxygen, but basing oxygen consumption solely on agricultural organisms can be a disadvantage because wild organisms inevitably live in the same water bodies. This requires adequate freshwater aeration with water wells or aerators. Pond aeration can make the difference between a muddy, smelly mess and a healthy, thriving, productive pond.

When using a Kasco aeration and decorative fountain, install it on the downwind side of the lake or pond. During the most popular months of the year, special attention should be paid to air transport. This is because less oxygen is stored when the water is heated.

Kasco is the leader in floating decorative fountains. Whether you’re building a new koi pond or water garden, maintaining an existing pond, or upgrading equipment, Puroxi.com is the place to shop for Kasco decorative fountains and aeration online. Most orders ship the same day, and the service and advice are considered an important part of our culture.

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