Industrial Wastewater Treatment

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Fast-growing industries and urbanization come with their own costs. The costs of supplying heavily contaminated water affect the soil, the land, and ultimately the general well-being of the local people. The large amounts of chemicals and pollutants that these wastewaters carry and return to the water table, rivers, and oceans are devastating. Industrial wastewater treatment is now considered an important process that industries need or have to implement.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Requires Efficient Technology

The Industrial Revolution accelerated the pace of development worldwide. Governments of large and small countries strive to promote economic development by improving GDP, employment rates, and other similar socio-economic factors. However, this was a major drawback in the race for industrialization. Environmental pollution like sir, water, etc., is one of the biggest negative consequences of heavy industrialization. Since the beginning of this century, authorities have tightened regulations on industrial wastewater to prevent the negative effects of industrial pollution on the environment.

Leading companies such as Puroxi Pure Water Global Inc. have contributed to significant improvements in industrial wastewater treatment plants. Puroxi Pure Water Global Inc. provides an innovative treatment system specially designed for the optimal treatment of industrial wastewater from textile, sugar, distillery, food and dairy, pharmaceutical, and so on.

Effluent Wastewater Treatments For Textile Industry

All textile industries must pay as much attention to environmental issues as to productivity and quality. All modern textile industries are of great interest in the biological treatment of wastewater. However, the situation has improved somewhat in recent years. AAA technology from Puroxi Pure Water Global Inc. has gained great popularity in textile wastewater, minimizing sludge production and increasing biological treatment efficiency.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment For Food and Dairy

AVR™-AF technology is ideal for efficient biological treatment of food and dairy wastewater. It is an excellent combination of anaerobic and anaerobic processes that help efficiently break down solid proteins, fats, and cooking oils found in food and dairy waste water. This technology is ideal for efficient mixing of wastewater using innovative flow mixing technology instead of traditional mechanical mixers, which do not offer the same level of efficiency. The in-flow mixing technology allows complete and homogeneous mixing of the wastewater in the reactor.

AHR technology is ideal for chemical and petrochemical industry wastewater treatment. It works by combining the effective aspects of two separate anaerobic treatment methods to ensure optimal solid retention and improve water quality. This unique technology helps efficiently break down complex organic contaminants found in chemical and petrochemical industry wastewater. Larger reactors have larger flat surfaces for better solids retention.

Using modern and innovative wastewater treatment solutions, both large and small industrial facilities have minimized the harmful effects of industrial wastewater.

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