Dairy Farmers

Dairy Farmers Can See Huge Impact on Their Farms by Purifying the Water.

This page is dedicated to Dairy Farmers as a tribute and acknowledgement for their hard work, dedication, and care.  We admire and respect all farm operators, especially family operations which take pride in providing us all with safe, nutritional food.

While Puroxi Pure Water Global has expanded its reach with new products, systems, throughout international markets, we will always have a special fondness for farm operators, particularly dairy farmers.  This hardy savvy group was the first to see the benefits of our product and appreciate the results.

Dairy farmers work hard every day to bring you and your family fresh, great tasting, wholesome milk products.  Almost all dairies are family-owned, and as active members of their communities, farm families take pride in feeding our country and maintaining natural resources.  That means preserving the land where they live and work, protecting the air and water they share with neighbors, and providing the best care for their cows—the lifeblood of their business.

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  • Average number of cows in milking herd: 70
  • Canadian dairy farmers sell an average of 7.31 billion litres of milk annually to processors
  • There are approximately 450 milk processors in Canada
  • Sales of milk and dairy products contribute $10 billion to the Canadian economy
  • Ontario’s milk production in 2012 was 2.6 billion litres of milk
  • Average age of Canadian dairy farmers: 47
  • Canada has 12,529 dairy farms with almost 1 million cows
  • Three main processors process approximately 80% of the milk produced in Canada
  • 700 kinds of cheese are made in Canada
  • Number of dairy cows in Ontario in 2012: 315,000 milking cows plus 173,000 heifers over one year old.
  • Licensed dairy farms in Ontario as of December 2012: 4,100
  • The farm gate value of milk from Ontario’s dairy farms is about $1.9 billion annually and accounts for about 19 per cent of the province’s agricultural production

~ Facts courtesy of Dairy Farmers of Ontario

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