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Water Acidifier Supplement​

This is the most important and widely used supplement product.  All solution-based treatments become up to 100 times more effective in lower pH levels.

To lower the pH of your water, we have a specially formulated acidifier that works very well with our Oxy Blast and the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) products. It is a much more effective pH balancer than citric acid. We use a buffered proprietary liquid pH stabiliser that will bring down the pH and will raise the ORP (oxidative reduction potential) thus helping make an oxidizer like our Puroxi (OB) work more effectively.

Other acids like citric acid, phosphoric acid and acetic acid don’t work nearly as well. Those acids and the oxidizers will lose their effectiveness when combined. If you don’t already have a combination pH/ORP meter, consider purchasing one. It will help you a lot when trying to keep the water at the ideal pH and ORP levels.

Some of the benefits of lowering the pH of the water for livestock and poultry:

  1. Enhance the immune system of that animal for a more rapid response to the foreign substances that are attacking the animal’s system.
  2. Help negate the organic and inorganic substances that usually go undetected in the water.
  3. Improve the biological function of each cell to increase the assimilation of the nutrients.
  4. Lower the surface tension of the water which raises the cell frequency. The higher the density of the water the less frequency exchange between the cells and the less nutrient assimilation.
  5. Lower nitrates in water to safe levels thus keeping animals (especially young stock) from having severe health challenges.

Listed below are Gordy Jordahl’s suggested pH levels of water for livestock and poultry:

Production stage Weight Ideal pH
Dairy: Cows and heifers 7.2-7.4
Swine: Nursery 6.0
  Grow-Finish 6.5-7
Cattle: Calves (under 300#) 6.0
  Calves (300-600#) 6.5-7.0
  Feedlot cattle (over 600#) 6.8-7
Poultry: Brooder 5.5-6.0
  Grow-Finish 6.0-6.5

PH Scale

The pH scale is based on values between 0 and 14, with 7 being neutral. pH values above 7 are considered to be basic or alkaline while less than 7 would be considered acidic. The pH value is in constant change due to temperature changes, gas solubility, and the presence of other chemicals in water.

For drinking water, the EPA has set a range between pH 6 and pH 9. Drinking water with a pH less than 6 tends to be corrosive to metal pipes and can remove metals such as copper, iron, or lead from pipes or solder. Water with a pH more than 9 tends to be hard water, and water scale can form. The scale is a white to beige colored solid and it can coat the inside of pipes and build up to a point where the pipe is almost blocked by the scale buildup. The effects of hard water can also show up as “soap scum” around tubs and baths, and leave white water spots on faucets.

Please click on the link for more detailed info: pH Water Properties

Companion Products - water acidifier supplement​

Water Acidifier Supplement

Companion Products - best water acidifier supplement​

Sodium, potassium and calcium are three of the main electrolytes your body relies on in order to ensure your body has enough water, maintain blood acidity — or pH — and ensure proper muscle action. Fluid absorption, heart and nerve function, muscle coordination, and concentration all depend on properly balanced levels of electrolytes. When your electrolytes get out of balance, it can cause any number of abnormalities and complications, depending on which specific electrolyte is high or low, ie: dehydration, high blood pressure, etc.

Please click on the link for additional information: Water & Electrolyte Imbalance (pdf)

If you have high sodium levels in your water affecting animal performance, we recommend using an electrolyte supplement, which enhances fluid retention in market weight animals especially during high temperatures. Our electrolyte supplement also lowers bicarbonates in your water.  It is a water dispersible nutritional supplement that maintains fluid electrolytes and stabilizes mineral metabolism in livestock for hydration and nutrient transfer.

The ions in our electrolyte are balanced ratios of potassium to sodium and magnesium, based on several thousand water analyses throughout a large geographical area. Our electrolyte suplement sustains hydration at the cellular level.

  1. All animals perform better when their electrolytes (potassium, sodium, magnesium and chlorides) are balanced at the cellular level
  2. Properly balanced electrolytes (ions) at the cellular level eliminate dehydration and other health-related problems.
  3. Excessive sodium levels in the water or feed cause an imbalance over other primary electrolytes which can increase hydrochloric acid secretion within the body which causes a more acid environment, relating to stomach discomfort and possible ulcers or scarring within the digestive tract. This imbalance hinders nutrient transfer and, consequently, animal performance.
  4. Avoid over-the-counter electrolyte products that usually contain high levels of chlorides. High levels of chlorides increase sodium absorption ratios, which, in turn, can lead to displaced potassium, thus causing dehydration.

For some interesting facts on high sodium levels and water hardness, click on the following pdf links …

Sodium in Groundwater BC

Hardness in Groundwater BC

DS Supplement​

To help sequester or encapsulate a high level of total dissolved solids (TDS)

This companion product can “tie up” the TDS to allow PUROXI to do a better job, while coating the inside of the pipes, to prevent corrosion of galvanized piping or copper plumbing.  It is also a very economical solution when used extensively in municipal water treatment facilities.

Our product of choice is a custom blend that is a premier corrosion inhibitor and sequestrant, used in potable (drinking) and industrial water systems.

This blend actively inhibits corrosion by forming a microscopic, protective film on the inside surface of water pipes. This process limits the release of lead, copper, and iron from water lines and domestic plumbing.  It also helps to reduce rusty water and prevent the formation of iron deposits, resulting in greater PUROXI residuals in the system. When using these products, PUROXI can be more effective at controlling biofilm regrowth in the distribution system.

It also acts as a sequestering agent to reduce stains, discoloration, and rusty water caused by iron and manganese.  It removes existing scale and iron tuberculation buildup to improve water quality and distribution flow rates.

Benefits of our TDS supplement:

  1.  Inhibits corrosion of steel distribution system water lines, iron and galvanized piping , and lead and copper plumbing.
  2. Decreases iron tuberculation, which can extend the life of the distribution system.
  3. Lowers lead and copper levels in the delivered potable water by inhibiting corrosion in the water system.
  4.  Lessens the occurrence of microbial-influenced corrosion, thus providing longer system life.
  5.  Controls iron and manganese, minimizing rusty or dirty water in the distribution system.
  6.  Reduces discoloration, staining, and mineral build-up, resulting in fewer customer complaints.
  7. Diminishes calcium scale deposits typically seen in hot water lines and heaters.

For an overview of TDS dissolved solids, See the following link from Wikipedia

Organic Bacteria Supplements

We carry a full range of OpenAll (C) products to resolve various soil conditions.  These proprietary products contain specially formulated blends of non-toxic probiotic micro-organisms, natural catalysts, and enzymes, to naturally and effectively enhance optimum conditions in your soil and water.

Liquid Manure Treatment

Powder/probiotic Manure Treatment

Water Oxygen Supplement

Liquid Bacteria Additive

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