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Bees & Birds

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May 4  |  Farm, Latest News, News, testimonials  |   Webmaster

Hi Zak, 

Talked to Walter and they went ahead and treated their bee hives with Oxy Blast. He figured it was about 1000ppm.  He then spun the cones to remove all the Oxy Blast, just like they do to take the honey out.  All the bees are doing well. He also told me he got in a flock of 6,600 birds and ran Oxy Blat at 300ppm for 4 days then backed off to 100ppm. His dead loss was .4 of one percent (.004%).  Always before his dead loss was 6 or more percent (6%).  That is the best looking flock he has ever had! We have got another happy customer.


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