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top rated ultra sonic algae control system - Ultrasonic Algae Treatment

Ultra-sonic Algae Treatment

We Always Give 110%!

Using cutting edge Ultra-Sonic technology to control algae, cyanobacteria and biofilm safely. Our objective has always been to reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals in our environment. This can be used in all situations where water is stored, from large industrial applications to small private pools or ornamental ponds.These products are available in a full range of sizes and capacities, offering a complete customized solution for each application

This unique ultra-sonic system …

  • Uses no chemicals
  • Needs a low supply of electrical energy
  • That will not harm plants, fish, zooplankton and other life forms.  It is entirely safe for the environment with no side effects.

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Puroxi Ultrasonic Scale Prevention

We Care About Your Future.

The electromagnetic wave action creates a large number of suspension and condensation in the water. When the water is heated, or the pressure (psi) decreases, the calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) plasma in the hard water is absorbed. This action is called crystal nucleation and creates a process that occurs in forming a crystal from the solution. This process begins with another form of calcium carbonate that has a very distinct characteristic to calcite. When the calcium carbonate precipitates as aragonite, it forms a non-adhering harmless insoluble crystal that is either consumed or carried through the system to the drain. This process prevents scaling by not adhering to the surface of plumbing, heaters, industrial coolers, or other equipment. The existing scale will gradually dissolve in the water.

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best aqua softener descaler - Ultrasonic Scale Prevention

UVC LED Air Disinfection

We Always Give 110%!

  • High-intensity UVC LED Technology
  • Able to sterilize viruses, diseases, and bacteria in large areas of air and surfaces in 5 seconds
  • Commercial Grade HVAC Ducting Inserts

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Whole Home Agricultural Water Purification

Safe, Clean, Drinking Water for Your Whole Family​

Clean, Nutritional Water = Better Overall Health​

  • 15+ years of Expert Water Purification – Disinfection of water and surfaces is all we do
  • FREE water analysis & assessment (based on your independent lab report)
  • ECONOMICAL solution customized for YOUR needs by our Certified Experts
  • We treat ALL contaminants, bacteria, heavy metals, sediments & scaling
  • ~ Softening, Disinfection, UV treatment, Filtration, Anti-scaling, and more ~
  • Let our Certified Water Technician design a system for you

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Agricultural water purification -whole home water purification

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