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Puroxi Injection Pumps

Oxv Blast Pumps

We promote the Stenner Pump Company’s peristaltic (squeeze) pump to inject our product into the water system. The pump is turned on and off by a pressure switch, a flow switch or a proportional feeding system. The pump can be adjusted to as low as 10 PPM and up to over 1000 PPM. A medicator can also be used to test the use of PUROXI initially, but the extra labour of mixing the stock solution limits this option on a long-term basis. 


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Better overall Health:
Livestock and Poultry producers have reported better overall health in their herds and flocks. They have also reported a drastic reduction of antibiotic use for their animals. This is even more evident when the quality of water is marginal. High levels of SRBs, iron, slime, manganese and iron, can reduce water intake dramatically.

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