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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Ponds, dugouts, lagoons

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May 15  |  Farm, Livestock, News, Newsletters  |   Webmaster

Open All for Ponds, Dugouts
Septi Sol (now OpenAll ) for Manure Pits and Lagoons

Recently, I was asked by a distributor if I knew of a way to treat a pond or dugout (that is being used for animal drinking water) for the presence of algae and bacteria. I told him I knew of the perfect product for him to use. It is called Open All and I introduced him to a product called Septi-Sol. at the same time.
Open All is a blend of trace minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and a product called deuterium sulfate. When added to water, Open All will get rid of the algae and anaerobic bacteria in the pond water or dugouts because deuterium has the ability to split the hydrogen from the oxygen in a water molecule to oxygenate the water.
Creating extra oxygen is also important for manure pits and lagoons. The extra oxygen, trace minerals, amino acids and the enzymes help feed the aerobic bacteria to break down the solids and dramatically reduce the odor in pits and lagoons.
Dave Kennedy (my former boss who helped get the peroxide and Oxy Blast business started) and I started selling Septi Sol in 1997 for treating manure pits and lagoons. The product was tested in a lab at Iowa State University and revealed that dissolved oxygen levels could be increased four to six fold! With more oxygen available for natural biological activity, odors are quickly reduced or eliminated; ammonia and other gases are reduced, and manure is degraded biologically to reduce the solids in the pit or lagoon.
Septi-Sol also has the ability to convert the manure into a valuable nutrient for the soil. The nitrogen present in the manure will be turned into single cell proteins, enzymes, natural antibiotics, free amino acids and polypeptides that become a natural organic nitrogen fertilizer in a micro solid form. This end product serves as an excellent soil conditioner adding natural benefits like improved soil texture, depth of water percolation and better water retention.

Dairy Nutritionist

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May 15  |  Case Studies, Dairy, Latest News, News, Nutrition, Research  |   Webmaster

An Interview with a Dairy Nutritionist
By Dale Janssen

I recently met to discuss a four thousand cow dairy with two brother owners, who I met at the World Dairy Expo a few weeks ago, and a dairy nutritionist who works with them. The dairy has several water challenges, including high iron, high TDS and very hard water. The nutritionist liked the idea of using Oxy Blast because we know it would change the form of iron from ferrous to ferric, which is a safe form of iron. He said major problems can result from excess iron in the ferrous form where it is readily absorbed into the body. He told me that this iron can be toxic and it is very important to get it out of the water once it is in the ferric form. He also told me that our Oxy Blast system was cheap compared to the other things they have to buy every day. When it will only cost in Canada $0.10-$0.12 per cow per day (depending on the PPM implemented and water quality), and it is going to do all those things to the water, it is very economical.
He pointed out to me that water is always overlooked, and was pleased that we paid attention to all the parameters of a water test. He also was impressed that Randy was willing to test his Oxy Blast at Iowa State University and thus “put his money where he mouth was.” He also was impressed that Essential Water Solutions, Inc. had all the consultants they do, who are available to answer questions for the prospects and customers. I told him this is all we do and we try to give the best service we can. He looked at me and said, “that is still very important.”
As he left he thanked me for my time and felt that the dairy would start using Oxy Blast really soon, not just because of what it will do for their water, but because of the support staff we have to back it up.
All I can say in closing is that all of us who sell Oxy Blast are blessed to have all these resources to draw from.

Thanks, Randy

Lead & Arsenic

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May 15  |  Dealer Resource Reference Library, food safety, Latest News, News, Nutrition, Research, safe drinking water  |   Webmaster

I just wanted to tell you about an incredible story! We have a customer in Appleton,MN that had some water issues, so I went down to her home to see what we were dealing with. When I got there she told me the whole story of how sick she has been for the past few years and could not figure out what was wrong until they tested their water. They had iron bacteria, sulfur, tannins, and 98.5 PPM of arsenic. WOW! She had a competitor’s reverse osmosis system that was showing 30 ppm of arsenic in the membrane.
To make a long story short, I was set to fix her water once and for all, and told her that the products & equipment we use will take care of it. I put in an OXY BLAST system, a single ceramic tank to catch all of the oxide crud, then the water went through their Kinetico softener and then through a charcoal filter to polish the water. It finally went trough a K-5 drinking station (R.O.) with a additional arsenic filter. I just got the results back from the lab. I had taken a sample from kitchen tap after all the equipment and also took sample from r.o. faucet.

Now there is virtually NO arsenic in her water at all.

She is so happy with us – it is awesome! She is talking to all of her neighbors as we speak, to get me in their homes to fix their water issues also!!
I just thought that you should know this testimonial. We have been selling and using your product and people are loving it!


Anyway, thanks for everything.  Give me a shout anytime!
Thanks. Todd! Todd Eklund. Sales Manager. Kinetico of West Central MN
320-808-1005 (cell)
1-800-733-1266 (toll-free)
320-762-7217 (Fax)

Enzyme production

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May 15  |  Dealer Resource Reference Library, Farm, food safety, Livestock, News, Newsletters, Nutrition, Research, safe drinking water  |   Webmaster

When Livestock or humans drink Oxy Blast proprietary hydrogen peroxide formula it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the mouth specifically through the tongue and under the tongue. Where are humans told to put their nitroglycerin tablets for fast action when they have chest pains due to angina? Under the tongue!

The blood oxygen level of the animals will then go up. (this is really evident in white hogs when you see their color turn a bright pink after drinking Oxy Blast)

Once Oxy Blast is in the blood, it encounters two enzymes: catalase and cytochrome-C. Catalase drives the normal reaction to completion immediately. That part of the Oxy Blast that binds with cytochrome-C, however, is not allowed to become water and singlet oxygen for a period of forty minutes.

After forty minutes of being bound to cytochrome-C this enzyme begins to act like catalase and breaks down the Oxy Blast to water and singlet oxygen.

By this time, the Oxy Blast /cytochrome-C complex has been spread throughout the body. In this way, the benefits of Oxy Blast are made available to all cells. Remember just cleaning your water is not enough to create this reaction.

You need CLEAN YET NUTRITIONAL WATER TO ACCOMPLISH complete benefits. Oxy Blast does not only clean water it also is the most nutritional product out there.

Newsletter May

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May 14  |  Livestock, News, Newsletters  |   Webmaster

May 6, 2011

Hi, it has been a while since I had time to write a newsletter.  Sorry, however it has been very busy.  I want to start with a trial and a couple of testimonials.

We get so many testimonials that sometimes I forget to write them down or send them to our website manager.  One of the testimonials I want to share is the one from Dales Organization.  One of his Dealers did a trial at a hog operation in the central U.S. and the results were very good. Let me include that they saw the pigs go to market at a more rapid time frame; they also saw better quality and less issues than normal.

Swine Finisher Economic Results

In a recent grow-finishing trial with an Oxy Blast treated barn versus a control group, the pigs on Oxy Blast had the following results:

……………………………………………………………………………. Total Benefit

10 days to market sooner – resulting in an economic gain of –

A 250# pig will eat approx. 4% of their body weight per day

250     lb. hog

4%    percent

10     lbs. of feed/day

At a cost/Ton of  $350  =  0.175  cost per lb. of  feed

x 10 lbs.

$1.75   per day

10  days

$17.50            cost benefit for 10 days quicker to market                                     $17.50

3 lbs. heavier weight gain – resulting in an economic gain of –

3  lbs. heavier wt. gain

$0.55   market price/ lb.

$1.65   cost benefit for (3 extra lbs.)                                                                        $  1.65

Total –             $19.15

Oxy Blast expense per pig                                                                                       -$ 2.55

Total Net Advantage per pig                                                                               $16.60

Dairy testimonial ~

A recent dairy customer claimed a somatic cell count drop from 375,000 to 160,000; also milk production increased substantially.  This customer started on Oxy Blast on March 9th 2011 and the results were shared on March 29th 2011.  That is incredible.  I have never had a farmer tell me about results that happened that fast. This was from a Dealer in Canada, who also told me that this customer is on a quota system and said, “Now, I guess I have to cut back on the cows I am milking”.  – What a nice problem to have!

Goat Farm ~

I am in Ontario on a business trip on my way to Quebec to train a new Dealer.  I stopped in Ontario because I have been working with a goat farmer since the end of November 2010. He had a serious situation with Staph Bacteria.  Now I want to caution you that neither claims nor suggestions are being made here.  I believe that our Veterinarians should always be consulted in every situation. They are licensed practitioners and are qualified to give you good council.  This farmer had some incredible results with Oxy Blast and asked me to visit them.  I am not going to share all of it with you, since I did not ask permission  from the farmer.  Let me tell you though, that I was offered cake and coffee JJ and we visited for a few hours.  Farmers do not spend time with you if they are not happy with the results.

Chicken Farm ~

A chicken farmer called me the other day. He wanted to know what else he could do with Oxy Blast. He claims to see a great benefit in health of his flock.

I could go on and on, however, we want to give you more than just the vast amount of testimonies we get.

Let me say this: if it’s not working for you; if our product does not show you result in 6 months; you will be able to take advantage of our guarantee.  Ask your local Dealer to show you our guarantee.

We have customers that resist our Dealers when they introduce them to Oxy Blast for several reasons:

  • Price – cheaper is not better if it does not give you the same benefits, (because they have not had a chance to see the benefits yet)
  • Perception – perception that water is not something that can benefit their organization or that they just do not need the added expense because of low milk prices or low market prices.
  • Misinformation – getting information from someone that doesn’t really know the product and what it can do or just because they do not understand the vast benefits of our product.

I believe that we have to get a potential customer communicating with us on the same level.  This level is accomplished by trust and that trust is created because we are genuinely concerned about our product and how it affects them and their operation.  We also know what we are talking about or have immediate access to someone with the knowledge & expertise that is needed.  I also believe that if honesty, integrity and respect are used in all communication with our customers (this goes both ways; from us to the customer and from the customer to us), we can have an open, trusting dialogue.  I

If they only knew what we knew about the things our product is accomplishing out there, they wouldn’t think  of us as “just another salesperson” trying to sell them product, take their money and run.  Everyone will benefit: them, us and all the people that are involved in bringing this product to market.  How do we get that across?  We need to educate people and make them aware of something that they don’t know.

Oxy Blast is an incredibly good product when used properly and when we know what we are trying to fix. It takes patience and perseverance, in addition to the honesty & integrity I mentioned earlier.  We have to show them that we care about them and their operation.

Please look for the earlier article “Our Belief”, further down in this News section, to understand and appreciate our mission and corporate philosophy.

I want to thank all of the people behind the scenes that help us bring this product to our customers.  I want to thank our Dealers that bring the customers to Oxy Blast and its benefits.  And I also want to thank our customers for believing in us and our product and for having the patience and confidence to wait to see the results.

I also would like to say that I hope that you all have a great harvest this summer and don’t forget to enjoy life.  Every day is a bonus as my wife’s grandfather loved to say.

Best Regards,   Zak

Antibiotic use

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May 13  |  Case Studies, Dealer Resource Reference Library, food safety, Livestock, News, Newsletters, Nutrition, Research  |   Webmaster

Antibiotics are becoming a bigger and bigger issue. Oxy Blast builds the immune system and gives you a better immunity. As a result many farms are cutting back on their Antibiotic usage. Please read the following article that CBS did on Antibiotics or click on the link to see the article at CBS:


Here is another link that also has info on Antibiotics:

(CBS)   “It’s scary, I mean, you just can’t describe it really,” said Bill Reeves.

Two years ago, 46-year-old Bill Reeves, who worked at a poultry processing plant in Batesville, Arkansas, developed a lump under his right eye.
“It went from about the size of a mosquito bite to about the size of a grapefruit,” he said.
CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric reports doctors tried several drugs that usually work on this potentially deadly infection: methicillin resistant staph (MRSA), before one saved his life.

See also: WebMD: MSRA and MSRA Hot Spots
“You go from a just regular day to knowing you may die in a couple of hours,” Reeves said. He wasn’t the only worker from this farming community to get sick.
Joyce Long worked at the hatchery, handling eggs and chicks. She got MRSA at least a dozen times, and had to try several drugs as well. “It was real painful. Shots don’t help, because it’s so infected, it don’t help much,” she said. Within weeks, 37 people at the hatchery got sick. They’ve filed personal injury claims against the company, Pilgrims Pride, which has no comment.


This is not an isolated incident and chickens aren’t the only concern. A University of Iowa study last year, found a new strain of MRSA — in nearly three-quarters of hogs (70 percent), and in nearly two-thirds of the workers (64 percent) on several farms in Iowa and Western Illinois. All of them use antibiotics, routinely. On antibiotic-free farms no MRSA was found.

Health officials are concerned that if workers who handle these animals are getting sick, what about the rest of us? Drug resistant infections have sky-rocketed over the past two decades, killing an estimated 70,000 Americans last year alone. It’s an emerging health crisis that scientists say is caused not only by the overuse of antibiotics in humans, but in livestock as well.  Antibiotics are routinely fed to healthy animals to promote growth and to prevent disease.

“My fear is that one of these days we are going to have an organism that’s resistant to everything that we know, and we’ll be left powerless,” said Thomas Cummins, Batesville’s chief medical officer.
“There are a lot of concerns about antibiotics being added to animal feeds that may be contributing to MRSA as well as other antibiotic resistance,” Cummins said. “Certainly the more bacteria are exposed to antibiotics in any shape or form, the more tendency there is for resistance.”

There are different types of drug-resistant bacteria. Some, like e coli and salmonella, can be passed on to people by consuming undercooked meat and poultry. Now, scientists are worried that Americans may be acquiring drug-resistant MRSA – not from eating, but from handling tainted meat from animals that were given antibiotics.
Evidence of MRSA has been found in the nation’s meat supply. But it’s unclear how widespread it may be, because only a small fraction is tested for MRSA.

Pew Campaign On Human Health and Industrial Farming


Shelley Hearne has studied the health effects of factory farming for 25 years.

“How does this go from the farm to the meat counter, to having an adverse effect on humans,” Couric asked.
“If the bacteria becomes resistant to antibiotics, it can actually spread in many ways,” Hearne said. “It could be in the food supply, but it also can be in waters that runoff in a farm. It could be in the air. It can happen very quickly in many different ways. That’s why it’s a practice that has to stop on the farms.”
That practice occurs inside factory farms, where antibiotics help animals absorb and process food so they grow bigger, faster; a selling point pushed by the pharmaceutical industry. Because animals are packed into confinement pens, antibiotics are also used to keep disease from spreading like wildfire.

More from the pork and beef industry

Liz Wagstrom is a veterinarian with the National Pork Board.

“Some people say giving animals antibiotics to prevent illness or promote growth is like putting antibiotics in a child’s cereal,” Couric said. “You know, save them so they’ll work when they are needed.”
“I’d say that we do strategically place them,” Wagstrom replied. “It’s not an all day, every pig gets antibiotics every day of his life.”
“So you don’t think they’re being overused by farmers anywhere in this country,” Couric asked.
Wagstrom replied, “the vast majority of producers use them appropriately.”
But drug distributers and dozens of farm workers in four farm belt states; Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma; told us that antibiotic use to promote growth is widespread on factory farms.

But the bottom line on antibiotic use in factory farming is this: no one is really monitoring it.
Joshua Sharfstein, is the deputy director of the FDA.
“We want to put in place measures to reduce inappropriate use and we want to see that those are working; in order to do that we have to have a good surveillance system,” Sharfstein said, “There’s no question that needs to be improved.”
“I loved hog farming. And I miss it. I wish I could go back,” Kim Howland said. “But until the walls come down and the roofs come off, there’s no chance.”

There are a number of grassroots organizations trying to give people alternative choices.  Click on the following link for some examples:

Find Locally Grown, Sustainable Food Near You.

Immune System

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May 12  |  Dealer Resource Reference Library, News, Newsletters, Research  |   Webmaster

Someone told me that they have noticed this page, and how much they liked reading it. I want to compress the information so that you come back and read this every so often. Today I want to quote our Water Physiologist Gordy Jordahl some. Gordy writes in his article about Immune Support.

“What role does quality drinking water, air and balanced mineral intake play in immune support? As far as research goes, immune support is one of the last frontiers in animal health.

Consider that the body is made up of trillions of cells. The cells are made up of atoms and atoms are made up of electrical impulses spinning around each other in groups called protons, neutrons and electrons. The speed at which they spin around each other establishes an electrical frequency.

The cells and all the body fluids surrounding the cells carry these frequencies creating a perfect magnetic force of energy in and between the cells called polarity required to retain metabolism.

When foreign invaders enter the body such as bacteria, viruses or toxins they have different electrical frequencies than healthy cells. The different frequencies allow the immune system to identify the invaders.

Unfortunately, due to environmental stresses like poor water and air quality, the mineral balance disrupts the frequency of ht cell interfering with cellular communication.

Cells regulate temperature and metabolism. These rely on mineral absorption to retain polarization. The cells communicate their need for excretion of waste and toxins, damage repair, and need for specialized defence protect against outside invaders that come from drinking water, air and feeds.

The immune system is a miracle of creation. Quality nutrition through water, air and minerals is required for a healthy immune system.”

~ written by Gordy Jordahl.

Bees & Birds

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May 4  |  Farm, Latest News, News, testimonials  |   Webmaster

Hi Zak, 

Talked to Walter and they went ahead and treated their bee hives with Oxy Blast. He figured it was about 1000ppm.  He then spun the cones to remove all the Oxy Blast, just like they do to take the honey out.  All the bees are doing well. He also told me he got in a flock of 6,600 birds and ran Oxy Blat at 300ppm for 4 days then backed off to 100ppm. His dead loss was .4 of one percent (.004%).  Always before his dead loss was 6 or more percent (6%).  That is the best looking flock he has ever had! We have got another happy customer.


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